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Since joining Strong Tower Training in June, my overall strength and stamina has improved a great deal. I continue to be motivated to keep going. Working out in small groups is fun- and the variety of stretching, strength and conditioning exercises keeps me from being bored. I feel energized every time I leave the class. Also the staff is knowledgeable and encouraging. 

I have gained energy and strength; for sure. The positive atmosphere kept me going, made me strong; made me feel good every day and last but not least I feel good with the weight  I have lost. I could not have done it without the coaches as they made it interesting and kept pushing us to do our best every time. 





I have a new confidence in myself in not only how I look but my abilities to reach new, more challenging goals. It gives you that extra push and confidence to get the job done. I have also obtained an education on how or why we do the exercises and movements that we do and how to prevent injury. 


I have become stronger, more flexible and have more energy.  On top of that, I lost weight that I hadn’t been able to lose before this. I also want to thank Strong Tower Fitness for getting my interest back into exercising again.