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Why spend around 12,000 USD in a year on education when all that’s required as a trainer is about $500-700 every 2 years? Well, because we want to maximally help our clients achieve higher levels of health and performance. Those words are intentionally written in that order. Health and then performance. It doesn’t work well the other way and there is far more to improving health than just learning how to squat, lunge, hinge and press (although those are useful movements and there are entire workshops and certifications dedicated to them). There’s the cranial system, the lymphatic system, the respiratory system, the cranial nerves, the brain stem, visual system, the cortex, the thalamus, the insula and we could go on. The challenge with most personal training certifications is that you won’t get up to date or in depth information on ANY of these areas. So you can see, if we truly want to pursue excellence, create remarkable results for clients consistently, we must dig deeper. This is what led to a 3+ year dive into neurology (the most holistic of the human sciences) and what will equate to an unofficial masters degree in functional neurology as I begin the Z-Health Master Practitioner program. I’m excited to invite you along on that journey to continue learning about maximizing health for you and your family (and THEN performance, if you’re into that, like me). 

In the interest of the continued education of our Strong Tower community and to give more of a window into some assessments and abilities we feel we’re expanding into, we wanted to let you know that we’re beginning to offer 1 hour Neuro Wellness checkups. This stems from a need or a gap that we’ve noticed in the space between medical science and fitness. Because of the Z-Health curriculum, we’re uniquely positioned to offer a great way for you to fill in that gap. The recommendation would be to do a Neuro check up every 6 months, but an annual one would definitely be a good idea. The wellness checkups are $150 for the hour session and before you get riled up, read on to learn why this is so important and better yet, what exactly is included in that hour of awesomeness. 

Here’s the ‘WHY’

At your annual physical, you probably get a couple reflexes checked, bodyweight, blood pressure, heart rate and maybe a blood draw. Biochemistry does matter, but it’s only part of the equation, so why do we put so much weight or assurance in the thought process that ‘my Dr said my blood draw numbers were ok, so I must be healthy?’  What about improving brain function, your inner ear, your visual system? Did they ever talk to you about assessments that go into that? In regards to the visual system, I totally get it. Many of you are thinking or maybe actually saying out loud, ‘I go to the eye doctor every year, and that’s their job.’ There’s some truth to that. They will look at the health of the lenses, the retinas, the optic nerves and make sure there aren’t any diagnosable issues. That’s good. We actually recommend that you DO get an annual physical and an annual eye exam with your favorite Optometrist or Opthamolagist. Back to the checkup. Typically, they will check your visual acuity with a Snellen chart and tell you that if you’re 20/20, then you’re doing great. Did you know that 20/20 is actually just average? That means that you can see at 20 feet what most other people with average vision can see at 20 feet when they are standing or sitting still and the target is also stationary. What about when you move? What about when the target moves? For the most part, none of that actually gets tested in depth at most eye doctors. Does it matter? Sure it does, if you want to maintain or maybe even improve the function of your visual system.

What about brain health? Does your doctor (now we’re talking the annual GP check up again) look at the health of your cerebellum? Do they tell you that there are vestibulosympathetic reflexes and that the right amount of stimulus on the correct side of the vestibular system can actually bring your blood pressure down? Did they mention that the left and right arms may vary in blood pressure because that’s a function controlled by the brain stem and vestibular system, and in both cases you have a right and a left side that have a unique relationship with the right and the left arm? Did they check both sides? Oh, and if it did happen to be too high and they did what most doctors do and put you on a blood pressure medication, did they mention that any of the aforementioned systems could simply bring down the blood pressure with some all natural, non-invasive stimulus? Or maybe that you should try decreasing inflammatory foods for a week, sleeping 8 hours per night, doing 5 minutes of breathing per day and then come back in to re-assess the blood pressure, because in all likelihood it could be lower at that point and maybe not even in the diagnosable range where they feel the need to prescribe a medication that has other potentially unwanted effects (they call them side effects but that’s just watering down the real term, which is ‘effects’). There are just some effects that you want and some effects that you probably really don’t want. 

Here’s the ‘WHAT’S INCLUDED’ in your 1 hour Neuro checkup:

Assessments for the cerebellum to identify which side we could help become ‘more awesome.’ 

Assessments for the visual system to identify areas or visual skills (from a visual needs hierarchy) that could become more awesome (through some simple and consistent practice/exercise). 

Assessments to identify position-specific areas of the vestibular system that can be worked on to become more awesome, potentially changing your gait, posture and sympathetics to healthier ranges. 

Assessments that will help identify areas where specific receptors may need more activation or inhibition to help those areas of the body become more awesome (fluid, flexible, agile, improving your movement and motor control). 

In closing, the brain drives so much of what we need to function optimally in day to day life (it literally keeps you alive), doing some basic assessments to identify inefficient areas is clearly a fantastic starting place in terms of improving your health and performance. I’m looking forward to helping you. When would you like to schedule your Neuro Wellness Checkup? 

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