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Balance Training with Stances and Knee Bend

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

One of the most important, and often overlooked systems in the brain and body is the inner ear. Improving this area will not only improve your balance but will likely produce stronger and smoother movements as well! This video covers some balance progressions for you to work on including stances, knee position (bent vs straight) and also head positions. We hope it helps and remember to TRAIN SMART & TRAIN FOR LIFE! If you'd like to check out our Better Balance and Flexibility program, please click the link below and start with the FREE Tool-KIt! https://strongtowertraining.clickfunn...

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Working with a certified and experienced coach will be the best way to find the appropriate progression for you. These are a great way to improve your balance. Research shows a correlation between balance, fall risk and longevity. To be more specific, better balance means less fall risk and an increase in longevity. If these stances and head positions are new to you, that's a GREAT THING! Your brain pays attention to novel stimuli and research consistently shows that NOVELTY produces GROWTH in the gray matter of your BRAIN. Pretty cool!

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