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Excuses, excuses, excuses

Are you ready to kick your excuse to the curb? Then wake up to the reality that more of your life is in your control thank you think and set a deadline on starting work towards your health goals. Then set a deadline that you're going to accomplish something related to that goal by ________ date. 'I don't have time' is the most played out, ridiculous excuse I continue to hear. Followed closely by 'I don't have money to do that or it costs too much.' Want to know the truth? You'll NEVER HAVE THE TIME. Because you fail to CHOOSE TO MAKE THE TIME. And guess what? When you make the time, you'll actually have so much more energy that you'll feel like you have more time. Whoa! Mind-blown. Well, 'it costs too much or your prices are too high!' Really? Factor in your alcohol consumption, your car note that you don't need, your weekend $100 on food and the movies, the list goes on. Factor in the time and energy lost at work by your expensive couch habit. Factor in the way this excuse feeds the lie that you 'can't start a business' or 'cant' increase your income' or whatever other lies you're believing related to your finances. Oh yeah, the vacation that you NEED to Punta Cana. Let's get real. Stop telling yourself that narrative that being healthy and fit is costing you something. The truth? Your alcohol consumption is an expense as is your vacation. Your choice to not take action on getting in the strength training and coaching that you NEED is actually more expensive in the long run. There's a reason that the healthcare industry and prescription drug industry do billions of dollars more in revenue each year compared to the fitness industry. Did you know that the medical industry is outperforming the gym/health/fitness industry in the United States by 10x??? Your excuses are feeding that medical monster. Take the excuses out back and shoot them. Successful people make a way. The unsuccessful will make an excuse. we have created a culture where we imagine that everyone is a winner and all is sunshine and rainbows. Want to know the truth? Life is hard. It sucks sometimes. And the resilient, successful people understand that they will actually have to put in some real effort, some real practice, consistently, over a number of days, a number of weeks, a number of years to get really, really good at something to the point where they can give back to others, pass on those lessons from the years of effort, development and growth to the next generation. we have created a culture where we 'want everyone to be equal.' Want to know the truth? We're not. You are unique and beautiful with your own set of strengths and weaknesses. You won't ever improve on your strength and minimize your weakness by making excuses though. It's just not gonna happen. Change the narrative in your head and change your life for the better. Every day.

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