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Clear it Out!

Clear It Out!

Today I was attempting to log in to one of our education courses and realized that the website wasn’t providing accurate information and access to material that I know is available. I contacted support and sent pictures of the issue, they logged in themselves and confirmed “Yes, it’s all there.” and my continuing question was, “Well, why isn’t it showing up on my end?” Their next suggestion was to “clear my cache.” Do you know what that means? No - it is not an insult. It’s a file on your web browser that saves ‘pieces’ of websites (like forms, location of the site, files needed to run the site) so when you next visit it can access the website more quickly (Yay! Remember how slow dial up internet was? ha.)

Clearing out your browser cache is a good idea because when it is running clean and properly it will protect your personal information and help your applications run full capacity on your computer.

If you haven’t done it in a while then you may experience what I did and say “Hey, I know this is supposed to be different.” upon arriving.

We may be a little robotic in terms of our health and fitness (you saw this coming, didn’t you?) You’ve purchased new clothes, you’ve picked a routine, you’ve stocked your refrigerator with kale and chicken and blueberries. You’re ready.

But have you cleared out your cache?

If you carry the thought that you ‘can’t’ do something, or you ruminate on the fact that you haven’t been able to do a certain something before, that’s going to influence what you CAN and will do in the present.

Like how I was expected new information when I logged into the website but it only showed me the old information. I needed to clear it out.

So, if you’re starting or recommitment to your health, determine what ‘old’ information is still loading up for you. It could be as simple as the way a certain healthy food tasted the last time you ate it, so you won’t incorporate it and all its benefits now. (Leafy green vegetables, anyone?) It could be a mindset that you’re never going to lift a certain amount of weight because it’s so heavy and you’re so “this” or “that”.

We have 50 and 60 year olds lifting literally hundreds of pounds in our gym every week.

We have 70 year olds getting up off the floor without using their hands.

We have people with knee replacements doing squats pain free.

We have people who never took a gym class in school doing pull ups with little assistance.

We have Grandmas and Grandpas participating in the same movements (modified for weight and range of motion differences) as their grandkids. (It’s fun to hear them say, “How do you know about Olympic Lifting, Grandma?”)

We have people who years ago were diagnosed with a health limitation now off medication and feeling better than ever.

We have people who work 50-60 hour weeks consistently training 2 and 3 times per week.

All of those facts translate into better sleep quality, more energy, lower body fat and better cholesterol numbers. It means putting things in cupboards up over head is easier. It means not having to hire a painter because their shoulders don’t hurt anymore; they can paint the wall themselves. They can carry in groceries easier. They don’t need assistance getting in and out of a vehicles.

Whatever your ‘old’ information is that comes from a previous experience, clear it out. Start fresh with big dreams and possibilities! Remarkable things are possible, especially if you get help to do it.

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