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How to Start a Fitness Challenge (the Right way)

I saw a post yesterday by another trainer in the industry that I respect and it kicked off a good train of thought and something that I felt we really needed to address at Strong Tower.

He was knocking these short term programs in the fitness industry, like 6 week challenges or 21 day ‘fixes,’ or whatever the name of the program may be. I get it and the guy did raise a good point. Short term programs are not the solution to the epidemic obesity rates, sedentariness and other health issues that our society is facing (like it or not, we are seeing health issues at epidemic porportions). These ‘starter’ programs are really just that, a start. The entry point programs we run involve training 3 days per week, a meal plan, recipes and a grocery list. We’ll advise and coach you to make habit changes in nutrition, sleep quality, movement consistency. And when people work the program, the program works.

At the same time, don’t stop at the end of the program! It’s just the beginning. You have only JUST STARTED to succeed at making this a habit. Why would you take a break or quit?!? We’ve seen this happen a few times and it really raises the issue of mindset and willpower. If you’re looking at one of these programs and you’re thinking it is a ‘jump start’ and then you’re good or then you’ll go at it alone again and continue to strength train on your own, you need to look yourself in the mirror or talk to your significant other and really answer the following questions.

‘Do I have the willpower to continue to make it to my ‘personal’ appointments at the gym for the long haul without any help or outside accountability?’

‘Why wasn’t I consistently strength training going into this program when I knew I should be? Are there obstacles I ran into that are now totally out of the way and won’t return?’

‘Knowing that this can change my life, energy levels, health and longevity, will I make it a priority on my own?’

‘Do I enjoy working out on my own way more than I enjoy working out in a group, with or without great coaching?’

If you answered no to any of these questions, it may be important to go into your program (at least by the end of it) considering that training at a studio or a gym where people you trust, know who you are and expect you to be there is going to be something that you do for more than 6 weeks or 21 days, or whatever the case is.

We truly hope you make it a habit for life.

Thanks for reading and if this can help a friend or family member, we need your help too! Please share!

Make movement a lifestyle,


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