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Breathing and Your Brain

Why is breathing so important to your brain?

The first reason is that there are two primary sources of fuel for your brain to function optimally. To simplify this, those 2 fuel sources are glucose and oxygen. Boom, enough said! :-)

A couple other cool benefits of the techniques in the video below are lowered blood pressure, lowered heart rate and a reduction in anxiety.

Breathing properly can reduce anxiety?!? For real? Yup, and let's get all 'sciency' for a second to explain that...

Controlled breathing triggers the parasympathetic nervous system and the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve runs from the base of the brain (brain stem) to the abdomen and is responsible for helping control heart rate, as well as other functions. The vagus nerve also helps to release acetylcholine which is a neurotransmitter that can increase feelings of focus and calm. You better believe I'm breathing as I type. Over time, good breathing technique, lowered blood pressure and heart rate can reduce risks of stroke and other potential nervous system dysfunction.

Research is showing that when breathing exercises (like we're bringing to you) are coupled with meditation, the result is often an actual increase in brain size. Where does the growth happen? Glad you asked! In the areas associated with attention and processing of sensory input. Just so you know, processing sensory input is important for just about every task and area of your life that you're involved with and will help you stay fully engaged with what you're doing, from work, to relationships, to exercise.

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